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beauty in brokenness

January 23, 2015

if you've been following this crazy journey i've been on with barn owl primitives, you know i love handmade products. i truly apprecaite the hard work and thought that goes into each piece. i design and re-design my pieces over and over again until they are just how i envisioned them to be. i try to be original and authentic and to create new work that will inspire others.

i love lisa leonard because she does the same. original, created with intention, and destined to become keepsakes, her jewelry is personal and so thoughtful. lisa is incredibly intentional with her words, her time, her family, and her art. 

my favorites are:

my state of the heart necklace

her pinwheel cake toppers

this jumble of charms necklace

a few months back, i was able to create a sign with lisa in mind. beauty in brokenness has been lisa's mantra for a while now as she seeks to balance the beauty in the imperfect that she faces each day (she's blogged about it multiple times... here, here, and here). we all have something or someone that we see as beautiful that the rest of the world may not understand. this sign reminds us that there is always beauty to be found.

today we are offering this powerful quote as a free printable just for you.

beauty in brokenness printable

download and print one for you or gift one to a friend.  for personal use only.  thank you. 

stop by Lisa's blog today and say hello.  and take time to look for the beauty around you. there is always something to be grateful for. always.

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