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January 15, 2018

Let's think outside of the heart-shaped box of chocolates this year and give your love something truly unique.  Our hand painted wood signs will sum up your sentiments better than any card at the local drugstore and will have a much more permanent place in your honey's heart and home. We also have more unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for her, as well as for him, that'll keep that loving feeling lasting well beyond February 14: 

Love Birds On A Wire

Share your love story with this darling Love Birds on a Wire sign, designed with your little family in mind.  Choose the number of little birds and we will paint your loving family.  

Love with Your Whole Heart Sign

Let your love know that you love them with your whole heart.     This design is available in a few sizes and colors.  

Love You More Sign

Finally win the battle of who loves who more by making your proclamations a permanent fixture in the home. Our "Love You More" sign comes in two designs— the one displayed above, as well as an additional black-and-white style you can find here.

love. band

What better way to show your love than to wear it on your wrist!  Grab a love. band for you and gift one to the love of your life.  

I Love You More Than All the Stars in the Sky Sign

Take "I love you more" one step further with this adorable grey-and-white sign

love. necklace

Treat your love to a necklace that they can wear every day and be reminded of your love for them.  

They Lived Happily Ever After Sign

Celebrate your favorite fairytale with this sign that comes in a variety of custom colors (pictured: robin egg blue with white font). 

The Old Astronomer

This lovely sign, inspired by the poem The Old Astronomer, will be a dreamy addition to your master bedroom.  Share your love of the stars with the love of your life.  

Journals & Notebooks

What better way to share your love than to write it down.  Create a love letter journal with one of these leather bond journals.  Take turns writing each other heartfelt letters on the rough cut cream colored pages of these timeless keepsakes.   You'll love looking back over how your love has evolved and grown over the years.  

Love is All You Need Sign 

Whenever there needs to be a reminder of what's truly important, this sign will do the trick. 


Hometown Heart Sign 

Commemorate where you met or where you built a family with a customized sign from our Hometown Heart collection (all US states are available). 

Where We Love is Home Sign

"Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Alphabet Blocks 

These vintage-inspired blocks that spell LOVE can be arranged however you see fit. We also have an XOXO version (pictured below). 

Only Love Sign 

A beautiful reminder that only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish. 

Love Us Sign

Black with linen letters, this sign is a simple yet impactful message that the special someone in your life will appreciate. 

little reminders

Our little reminder signs are the perfect size for you to surprise that special someone in your life.  Tuck one into their bag, briefcase, or jacket pocket.  

makeup bags

She loves you.  She loves her makeup.  Give her a darling new travel bag and let her know that she is beautiful, both inside and out!


I Love You to the Moon and Back Sign

... and, of course, we have the same sweet saying printed on a hand-painted sign.

Birds on a Wire Sign 

Available with a white background or a black background, our Birds on a Wire sign (pictured above) remains one of our most popular. Customize the sign to honor the little birdies you two lovebirds have raised together.


Our Weathered Heart (pictured below) both make adorable accent pieces to a gallery wall or a stunning stand-alone work. 

Strength of My Love Sign

This sign comes in a multitude of colors to match any room, and is an especially heartwarming gift for a new mama or mom-to-be to hang in the nursery.


You Are My Sunshine Sign

Give the one who brightens up your life something to brighten her day with our You Are My Sunshine sign. Available in multiple colors, styles, and sizes here; pictured: Large

A True Love Story Never Ends Sign 

A striking black-and-white sign for your own never-ending love story.

Collect Moments Not Things Sign 

This rustic sign is a beautiful reminder of all those priceless moments you've shared together. 

Mother Definition Sign

One of the things you admire most about her? Who she is as a mother. Our Mother Definition sign (also available in "Mom") is a touching way for you to let her know how much you appreciate how she's raised your little ones, and it's even sweeter if you sign the kids' names, too. 

We Belong to Each Other Sign 

A beautiful sentiment that's perfect for hanging above the door in a master bedroom. 

Our Nest Sign 

Whether you're new homeowners, sharing your first apartment together, or are starting a family gallery wall, this little sign honors where you two choose to roost. 

Together is Our Favorite Place to Be Sign

We especially think this black-and-white sign would be a cute Valentine's Day gift idea for a long-distance love or for your better half who also happens to be your favorite travel companion. 

Keep Calm and Say I Do Sign 


What a charming gift idea for a husband-to-be to get his future Mrs. 

Because I Love You Sign

 A darling and simple message: "Because I love you." 

This May be the Wine Talking Sign 

Her two great loves: you and a glass of Cabernet. Pair this sign with a favorite bottle of vino to make her truly happy this Valentine's Day (we also think this would make an awesome gift for a gal to give her best girlfriend). 



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